ANF THERAPY pain therapy


Ganesha Spa is introducing a new  holistic and very effective technique  

Amino Neuro Frequency (ANF) Therapy  

Invented in Denmark by Dr.Mikel Hoff and spreading widely through the world, this unique method quickly address Inflammation, acute and chronic back or joint pains, headache and stress without any medications! 

Special Introductory offer 

50% off initial consultation - $40.00 (reg $80)

Not including discs ($5.00 each) 

ANF Discs


Specific  Discs charged with  Bio-frequences are placed on the body stimulating nerve repair and a natural healing process. 

-Made of carbonized metal invented by NASA
-Skin-friendly 3M tape on the back
-CE marked and FDA approved
-All with unique frequencies
-No chemical substances released 

What else can the A.N.F Therapy be helpful for?

Chronic Pain

Acute pain

Migraine / Headache

Shoulder problems

Back and lower back 

Tennis elbow

Knee problems



Stress/Anxiety and more